Sunday, May 26, 2013

New to L.A Mood!

New Toys!
Stuffed Adventure Time Buddies!
Ever want to reach into your TV and grab your best buds Finn and Jake and take them on your own adventures? Well now you can! These little stuffed guys are only 10.95 PLUS you can wrap Jake's noodle arms around things thanks to the power of velcro!

Star Trek Heroclix Tactics!

It's a battle between The Federation and the Klingons! Star Trek Heroclix Tactics is 100% compatible with the HeroClix core rules system but meant to be played on it own. (If you want to Klingon Bird of Prey to battle Spiderman you'll have to do it in a J.J. Abrahms style alternate universe!)

Star Wars Vehicle Collection Vol. 6

These highly detailed Japanese imported Star Wars models are coveted by collectors! A long time ago we got a batch in from far, far away but unfortunately for collectors the Empire put a blockade in place and we couldn't get any more in! Lucky for us we know one of the best smuggler's in the galaxy...


We have some ultra cool Japanese import Gundam models at the store like this awesome Zeta Model pictured!  

TMNT The Works

Dude this Turtles coffee table book looks like a pizza box..and inside the original Eastman and Laird comics are reprinted in radical colour! It may not be deep dish but this meaty volume is perfect when you wanna turn into a vegetable and read something cheesey for a  real treat!

Tales of the Buddha (Before he got Enlightened)
These stories take an extremely lighthearted approach to Buddha's journey of discovery as he samples other religions whilst hanging out with other well known religious icons, as well as getting the chance to experience life's...ahem... more physical pleasures along the way.

Comic Con Exclusive Dr. Who Police Call Box Lunch Box!

...and you didn't even have to fight it out with other Who fans at Comic Con to get!

 Game of Thrones Card Sleeves

We got G.O.T. House themed card (Cough)
Let 'em know where you stand and who represent in your game of thrones..I mean "Cards"..Which may or may not be Game of-Okay...I quit.

Season's Enchanted Kingdom!

The first expansion for for Season's includes two copies each of 20 new power cards, 10 enchantment cards, 12 special ability tokens- Whatever that means! Customers LOVE the game so much they keep buying all the copies before I get a chance to play it!

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