Friday, August 30, 2013

Cool stuff at L.A. Mood!

New TP's!

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales Donner Dinner Party

If you want to reacquaint yourself with the fact truth is stranger than fiction look no further than the larger than life characters in Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales. Donner Dinner Party presents historical fact in a funny, engaging and deliciously entertaining way. For those hungering for a Pioneer tale gone awry (and who isn't) this book will give you bloody good story to chew on that is just dripping with historical details!

Savage Wolverine HC

The original title was gonna be "Polite and Reserved Wolverine" but that idea got SLASHED real quick. Wolverine awakes on a mysterious island full of Neanderthals and Dinosaurs.  There he is is forced to team up with Shanna The She Devil if he's going to survive his savage surroundings. Volume One of the popular series features eye popping artwork and an engaging storyline that will get all 3 of it's claws into readers early never let go.

Star Wars Complete Vehicles

You won't need to force the Star Wars fan in your life to read this in depth look at the vehicles found in all 6 Star Wars films. Featuring schematics and details not visible anywhere else this book will have you building a life size replica of an AT-AT in no time. So are you gonna stop by the store and buy it or not? We're just saying alot of people want it...and please...don't say you'll TRY to stop in. Do or Do not...there is no try.

True Patriot Book

A slew of awesome Canadian Artists contributed to this crowd funded book featuring brand new Superheroes representing the Great White North. Every page full of unique style, wit and charm that can only be described as one thing..Canadian! This limited pressing book is not to be missed!

New Masks!
Batman and Bane Dark Knight Rises rubber masks!

Halloween is around the corner..and so is your buddy wearing a Batman mask. Time to break the bat!

New Toy's
Breaking Bad Heisenberg Collectable figure

Meth Lab sold separately

Star Wars The Black Series Toys

These Star Wars figures are not only bigger-They are better! The sculpt and detail on these guys is incredible. If you're a fan of Star Wars or a collector in general you are gonna want these figures!

New Board Games!

Hisashi Hayashi Trains Board Game

Ticket to Ride is great but do you ever hunger for a different train themed game to choo-choo choose? You do? Well then get on board Trains!  Use your facilities, trains and personnel to surpass your adversaries and become king of the railway!

Pandemic In the Lab!

Pandemic was the outbreak break out hit of last year and now there's a brand new expansion!

Can you condense a well known phrase to just a few letters and symbols? CAN YOU?!?!? Buy this game and find out! ROFL is the fun party game that's guaranteed to make you and your friends LOL.

New Statues!

Jon Snow Statue

Winter is coming...and that means christmas so we're letting you know now we have this Game of Thrones statue now so you can save up.

The Vision
Speaking of statues..Check out this sweet statue of The Vision!!! It's super awesome...This photo does not do it justice. Lucky for you it's in the shop! Stop by and check it out!

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