Wednesday, September 04, 2013

New stuff at L.A Mood!!

BREAKING NEWS! THE DEAD WALK!!! For your own financial safety head to L.A Mood immediately and stock up on all your favourite Walking Dead merchandise. Until the end of the month it's 50% of all trades, and 20% off toys and back issues!

New Trades!
Star Wars Jedi Academy

Jeffrey Brown continues his whimsical and hilarious series on being a young Padawan in the Star Wars Universe. This incredible entry captures all the fun, frustrations, and humour of middle school in a galaxy far, far away.


This Indie Go Go funded monster anthology has just hit the shelves and features all sorts of cool artists and monstrous stories!

Crime Does Not Pay Vol 5

Deadly dames, streetwise mugs, and mysterious murders populate the pages of Crime Does Not Pay, the 1940's true crime comic that was a hit with millions of readers but scandal for the guardians of public decency. Check out history in more ways than one with the 5th edition of this tantalizingly scandalous collection!

Talon Vol. 1

The first trade volume of one of the most critically praised titles in the New 52 is here! Talon tells the story of a master assassin trained by the Court of Owls who returns to Gotham to fight the secret societies grip on the city and gain his freedom once and for all-Yeah that old chestnut!

Lords of Water Deep "Scoundrels of Waterdeep"

That which cannot be taken by trickery or negotiation must be taken by force in Lords of Water Deep!  2-5 players are powerful Lords vying for control in this fun Euro style game! (L.A Mood is not responsible for any battles that spill off the board and into your living room)

Bioshock Infinite
"The Siege of Columbia"

More than a cash in on a popular video game Bioshock Infinite  Siege of Columbia captures the spirit of the beloved franchise while sporting beautiful design and 32 awesome miniatures plucked from the games cast. The board game is a must for fans of one of the coolest video game series ever made!

Rise of the Zombies The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game

This new Zombie game adds the fact it's played in real time making the race for the helicopter even more exciting. What a great idea...someone was using their BRRRRRAAAINS...

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