Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New stuff at L.A. Mood!
New Toys
Pacific Rim Jaeger

This deluxe Jaeger makes the perfect Stocking Stuffer! Unfortunately there won't be room for anything else in the stocking because it's only slightly smaller than the "real" Jipsy Danger. That said we doubt the Pacific Rim fan in your life will do any complaining to Santa's Customer Service Department. 

Batman Classic Tv Show Deluxe Figure

POW! Holy amazing detail Batman! This deluxe 18 inch Caped Crusader is straight out of the dreams of any kid that grew up on the campy cult classic tv show. Multiple points of articulation and a spot on resemblance to Adam West are only a few of the highlights of this must have collectible. It's also has a cloth cape!! A CLOTH CAPE!!

Batman Classic TV Show Action Figures

BONK! Same BatMAN same BAT Section of L.A Mood! If the 18 inch deluxe figure won't fit in your loved ones stocking (because you already crammed a Jaeger in it) then maybe you could fit one of these 8 inch figures. Probably not. Oh well you could always wrap them. The important thing is you make the classic Batman tv series fan in your life very happy-and these figures are a great place to start!

New Statue
Superman/Wonder Woman embrace

Is it just me or is it getting steamy in here? Are those clouds or smoke emanating from their hot fiery passion? Clouds? Okay just checking. 

DC Originals Batman,Wonder Woman, Superman Head Knockers

You love them-Everyone in your office loves them! Touch their heads and watch them knock! (That's right-"Knock"-This is an entirely different product then "Bobble Heads" There will be no "Bobbling")

New TP's and HC's
Richard Starks Slayground Adapted and Illustrated by Darwyn Cooke

Darwyn Cookes masterful and award winning adaption of Richard Stark's classic Parker books continues with Slayground! This time Parker plays cat and mouse in an abandoned carnival ground in a game that slowly begins to favour the mouse. Plus this edition includes the previously unavailable Eisner award winning short story "The 7th"

Thano's Infinity Abyss TP

Following in the legendary tradition of Jim Starlin's acclaimed Infinity trilogy, this star-spanning epic features heroic adventures on a breathtaking cosmic scale - showcasing writer/artist Jim Starlin's wondrous imagination without boundaries or limits!

New Games
The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug Game

Get ready to encounter spiders, elves, orcs, and finally the dragon Smaug himself. Traverse your way through two boards, each more difficult than the last, with the goal of coming out alive and prepared for the dangers that lie ahead. Your accumulated points at the end of the game will be your group’s mark for finding out how good of a team you really are!

BattleLore Game

BattleLore puts you in command of a vast array of miniature troops on the battlefields of Medieval Europe. Assembling a group of wizened old Lore Masters - men of faith and magic, tricksters and grizzled warriors 

Chupacabra: Survive the Night

Turn out the lights and try to be the last mammal standing in this survival dice game based on Latin American folklore. Each player takes six dice and rolls them. If you roll a chupacabra you can take out your opponents’ chickens, goats and ox. Players take turns removing opponents’ animals from their hands based on how many chupacabras are rolled. 

Milestones Game

In this game, players work together to build roads, create marketplaces, and erect houses. With each milestone set along the way, they move further into the country.

Ame-Comi Heroine Series: Harley Quinn & Poison Ivey Holiday Variants

Ami-Comi has released these easy on the eye special edition figures just in time for Christmas!

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