Friday, March 07, 2014

New to L.A Mood
Scribblenauts Unmasked DC

Everyone loves blind boxes! Your favourite characters as depicted in the latest Scribblenauts game are now available to collect in blind box format! Each one comes with movable arms and a stand modelled after Maxwell's magic notebook. I hope I get Bane but they're all cool!

New games!
Knock Out Victory Point

Last man standing takes home the dough and the dames in this knock down drag out slugfest! If you love boxing and got what it takes-step into the store and pick up this game today!

Pint Craft Brew Your Way to Victory

In this perfect game for beer enthusiasts you take on the role of a micro brewer who just quit his job to go full time.  You better have some good strategies fermenting if you want to earn victory "pints" and brew your way to the top!

Pass-ackwords "Good Clues gone Bad"

It's password-But backwards! This crazy and fun game turns Password on it's head! This time around the player is giving clues to his opponent. Using the intonation of your voice you hope to mislead your opponent as you give a series of crumby clues-Only problem is eventually they get better and better! Sounds fun!

New Comics!
Afterlife with Archie

Forget Walking Dead the hottest zombie comic around is Archie! After Life with Archie has quickly become one of the most popular must read comics of the year. Writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and artist Francesco Francavilla have crafted a book that's more than a zombie cash in-It's a scary and absorbing read!

Batman Superman Annual #1

Speaking of hot comics the Batman Superman Annual is out! Batman and Superman families deal with their grief over fallen comrades as they battle for control of the missing Mongrul's fortress!

Green Arrow#29 Outsiders War Part 3!

You know that cool show on tv called Arrow? Well-wait for it-It's based on a comic! Kidding. This issue of the game changing epic features the Green Arrow vastly outnumbered as he takes the fight to The Outsiders and things go from bad to worse. How will Ollie survive?!

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