Sunday, June 07, 2015

Free RPG Day : June 205th 2015

Well Met Adventurers!!

   I come to you with tidings of Free RPG Day, sales and high adventure.  I dare say mark the 20th of June on your calenders for the annual celebration of Roleplaying Games returns and LA Mood will be your quest hub once more.  Our gates shall open at 10am and the days adventures will go until 5pm with a grand sale of 20% off all RPG's, dice and accessories for the whole day.

   How does it work you ask?  An excellent question! Head over to Facebook and join our event to follow all the updates between now and the day of.  We will be posting which Game Masters will be running what games for the day.  To sign up for a game show up the morning of and we will be sorting people into tables at 10:30am sharp.

  Perhaps you are interested in taking on the mantle of Game Master?  Travel to Free RPG Day and find a module you might be interested in running for the day here at LA Mood Comics & Games.

Fare thee well!

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