Monday, August 01, 2016

L.A. Mood's August Heroclix Schedule

All events Begin at 6:30pm unless posted otherwise

August 4  Ye Old tournament Standard
Build a 300pt team.
Prizes:  TBA

August 11 Superior Foes of Spider-Man Sealed Event
buy two boosters of  Superior Foes of Spider-Man Sealed Event and Build a 300pt team 
Prizes:  TBA

August 18 Team Work
Build a 600pt theme team no resources
Prizes:  TBA

August 25 Fan Favorite
Build a 1000pt team.  and play with half actions
Prizes: TBA

L.A. Mood House Rules
1. Purple Rings are legal, and no figures are retired
2. No Battlefield Conditions
3. Feats can only being used on older figures from before the Avengers set
4. Player are expected to bring a map that will be used, players may use either side if the map is double sided.

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