Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Friday Night Magic !! and Timespiral !!

The Oct 6th Friday Night Magic saw the first Draft of the new set Timespiral, and WOW was ever a draft. Almost none of the players had seen any of the cards before they cracked their first booster, which made for a very intresting event. With timespiral becoming legal as of the 20th of october, the draft was a peek into the future to come. With power cards like Magus of the Disk and Ancestral Visions, Timespiral is sure to shake up Standard play like no set has in years. The Timeshifted cards may be as powerful in Standard as the new set itself. With the printing of Bad Moon and Undead Warchief, you can be sure to see the return of Mono-Black decks.
Speaking of October 20th, We have a Sealed Deck tourny for our FNM. This will Include Timespiral. In fact the by in will be 1 Tournament pack of Timespiral and 2 boosters of your choice from the Ravnica Block.
As for next Friday, Its Standard. So show up and play for a chance to win a FNM Arrogant Wurm!

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