Thursday, October 19, 2006

Friday Night Magic: GOODBYE KAMIGAWA!

This week was the final type 2 tourny with the Infamous KAMIGAWA BLOCK. That means no more jittes or Kokusho's or even Heartbeat. YAY ! Nows the time to make way for Time Spiral. Already the forums are buzzing with activity try to peice together the Next Big Standard Deck. So far I think combo will be the way to go. Easy to pull off combos with Enduring Renewal, Wild Cantor and Grapeshot have already shown me a thing or two. Although Agrro may just get the boost it needs to be a major contendor. All will be revealed soon. This week we have a Sealed Event. That means 1 Tournament Pack of Time Spiral, and 2 boosters of any Type 2 you want. Why do i say any. Well seeing as it is the first time Time Spiral will be played in type 2, I thought it might be a great idea to let players see what works best with Time Spiral. As for me, I'll be playing Stright Time Spiral, "Gotta get those Blooms!"

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