Monday, January 08, 2007

Horroclix AVP Queen Info

Hey there LA Mood Horrorclix Customers, thought I'd give you guys the heads up on the AVP Queen coming in late Feb. The following information is cut & pasted from the Wizkids forums, posted by Horrorclix & Heroclix brand manager Mark Tuttle

"The Alien Queen herself sits on the 3" "titan" base. That's the same one that we used for the HeroClix Sentinel dial. The egg sac sits on the colossal dial that Cthulhu used. As for the size of the queen, she is in scale with the Alien and Predator figures. Consider that if an Alien is 8-9' tall, the Queen is 14'. "

The HorrorClix: AVP Alien Queen contains three (3) figures:

1 - Alien Queen with egg sac diorama
1 - Alien
1 - Predator
Rules, tokens, map

Pre-order now to insure you get yours

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Stryker said...

Wow that looks sweet, I want one! So i can SMASH THE REST AND RULE ALL FOR ALL TIME....... or something like that.