Saturday, January 13, 2007

Release Party!

Join us at the store on Saturday, February 3, 2007 between 1PM and 4:30 PM, to celebrate the release of D.S. Barrick's Skulsi Thatcher, his new, hand-bound hardcover collection of comic strips! Did I say hand-bound hardcover? Yes indeed! Daniel told me he's sewing/gluing this book together by hand! Guaranteed to be a work of art!

Here at L.A. Mood's we've known Daniel, since he was a talented artist in highschool. He showed much promise with his first self-published comic book The Day I Wrote Watermelon. There were more people down for his title on our membership list than some DC titles at the time, including easily recognized icons such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman! Unfortunately, for his following, Daniel's pursuit of a university degree in the Arts interfered with publishing a regular small press comic. He still is at school, working hard to become a highschool teacher of Art and English, but his efforts in university are paying off for us fans, with a creation of new characters, Skulsi Thatcher and her friends. This esoteric collection of strips, follows Skulsi and her friends around as they make unimportant observations of life. I asked Daniel how he would describe his comic and he replied, "Stealing from Seinfeld, it is a comic about nothing."

Well, I call it art! Daniel will be available between 1 and 4:30 PM, Saturday, February 3rd at the store to sign copies of his book, he might even be persuaded to make a free sketch or two! See you there!

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