Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lorwyn Pre-Release Invitational Qualifiers

We will be holding three qualifying tournaments in the coming weeks for the Lorwyn Pre-Release Invitational.

These tournaments will be our Xth edition draft on Friday August 31st (falling back to the draft on Thursday September 6th if necessary), our Standard FNM on Friday September 7th and our Timespiral block draft FNM on Friday September 14th.
Aside from having a slightly more stringent application of the rules to respect the greater prize available, the tournaments will be run like normal.

At each event, the winner will receive an invitation to the tournament. If the player already has an invite, the invite will be passed down to the next highest finisher. If the player doesn't want the invite, they may give it to any other individual. (And are strongly encouraged to do this, so we can send as many players as possible.)

Lorwyn Pre-Release Invitational Championship

The Invitational Championship will be held in Toronto on Sunday September 29th. The event will be run by Skyfox games, and there will be no entry fee to participate.

The tournament will be Lorwyn sealed deck, and there is very extensive prize support.

All members of the top 8 receive a limited edition play-mat, as well as the following prizes --

1st place -- 3 boxes of Lorwyn and free admission to all Skyfox Premier Events for a year! (estimated at $200 value!)

2nd place -- 1 box of Lorwyn

3rd/4th place -- 1/2 a box of Lorwyn

5th-8th place -- 1/4 a box of Lorwyn

(Prizes based on attendance of at least 64 players)

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