Saturday, August 25, 2007

Magic events for September are as follows:

Thursday September 6th -- Booster Draft (let me know what format!)
FNM September 7th -- Standard
FNM September 14th -- Booster Draft
FNM September 21st -- Standard
FNM September 28th -- Booster Draft



All events start between 6 and 6:15 pm in the l.a. mood underground. However, if you need boosters for an event that's not on Friday, show up early, because l.a. mood closes at 6pm sharp.

If Thursday isn't a good day for you, let me know what is. I want to run two events a week, FNM plus some other day, so I need to know what makes people happy.

We have FNM prizes for September! They're incredibly sexy foil Wing Shards.

Due to high demand, as early as August 31st I will have a supply of boosters available in the basement. If there is any interest, I am willing to run unsanctioned booster drafts (team drafts or pods, depending on the number of players) after our usual FNM event. Please bring 10 dollars per bonus event you would like to play in. Please note that the entrance cost for FNM drafts remains the same, the extra low price of the bonus drafts is a small reward for the hard-core players who stick it out for multiple events!

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