Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hello all you Heroclix fans out there.
Changes are happening to L.A. Mood's Heroclix schedule. Starting February 14th 2008, Heroclix events will be moved to Thursday early evenings at 6:00 pm. There will still be some Saturday events on the odd occasion, but from that point on, Thursday night at 6:00 will be the regular time.

Heroclix Events For February

Events on Saturadys Start at 11am

Events on Thursdays Start at 6pm

2nd Sat. M&M Week 8 Constructed Event

Build a 300 pt team

Prize: Charles Xavier LE

9th Sat. M&M Week 9 Planet Hulk Floor Event

Build a 300 pt team, 50% must be from Mutations & Monsters

Prize: Planet Hulk LE Event Dial

14th Thurs Love is in the Air

Build a 700 pt team, must have one romantic relationship couple on your Team

Prize: A Marvel LE

21st Thurs OMG 1000 Points

Build a 1000 pt team

Prize: A DC LE

1 comment:

Nolan said...

To anyone who actually goes on the 14th and has a significant other: What couch are you sleeping on when you get home?