Saturday, January 12, 2008

Moringtide Release Party!

We will be holding our Morningtide Release Party on Sunday, February third.

Registration will begin at 9:30, and the tournament will begin at 10 am sharp.

The tournament will be run in modified swiss format, with 4 rounds. There will be a lot of great prizes for the winners and also for randomly chosen participants!

Be sure to come out for some great pre-Superbowl fun!


DarthWingnut said...

A couple of questions, what is the format of the sealed tournament (I ask because I know the prereleases are going to be one Lorwyn tournament pack, and three Morningtide Booseters) and what will the price be for this event?

Elthy-san said...

We'll be doing the usual Release thing, which I believe is five boosters of Morningtide. (to get the new stuff in everyone's hands!)

The price will be $25 dollars, however the new pricing scheme for boosters (more on that in the future!) will be used, so there will be a lot of prizes available. :D