Sunday, May 04, 2008

Best Free Comic Book Day Ever!!

Our Simpsons Free Comic Book Day window display, brought in many curious people days before the event.

Much preparation, mathematics, calculating, & maneuvering went into placing all these comics onto one table comics....

Despite the rain, what a great day it turned out to be! Thank you Great and Loyal Customers for making Free Comic Book Day a huge success! I know we had way more people through the door than ever before! We gave out FCBD bags to each person who came in and went through 500 of them by 1:30! whew!

By 2PM this was how it was looking:

But still the people came!

As well as a few superheroes:

Thanks to all you fans who came out in the rain!

Thanks to Jessie, Justin, Laurie and Lois for all their hard work that day and Luke R and Matt for all the grunt work leading up! Thanks to Luke F for designing our passports and to Graham for our handouts. Thanks to Rainbow Cinema for handing out our flyers to their customers, and Bill Paul for crying our name out to one and all, and to Comic Book Collector, Heroes, Neo Tokyo and Worlds Away for continuing in London's very unique and special Comic Shop Crossover!

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