Friday, May 23, 2008

June Magic @ l.a. mood!

June 6th -- Draft

June 13th -- Standard

June 20th -- Draft

June 27th -- Standard

And there should be afterdrafts following each of these; people and enthusiasm permitting!



Jason said...

Hey, how often have you been doing afterdrafts? I'm interested in coming to both next weekend, but was just checking.

Elthy-san said...

I try to do them whenever we have people and interest. We had one last week (off the premises; as I had other plans) and it sounded like we might have enough people for another one this week. (27th of June)

It's a good idea (next time you're around) to ask Clinton and/or Dylan for their cell phone numbers, since they're often around for the afterdraft. (So you can call them and see what's up!)