Tuesday, June 24, 2008

July -- Magic and stuff!

After an interesting mixup with Wizards, it looks like our FNMs are back on track! Here are all the magic dates for July -- and the July FNM card is Wall of Roots. Zomg!

July 4 -- Draft
July 11 -- Standard
July 18 -- Draft
July 25 -- Standard
July 26 -- Eventide Release (NOTE: THIS IS A SATURDAY!)

More information regarding the release party will be made available shortly~

Also, those of you who have been paying attention will be aware that with the changes in Wizard's organized play policy, starting in the near future we will be eligible to host larger events, including prereleases and possibly even GP Trials! Be sure to post here or come and find Justin to tell him what you think about these changes, and what you'd like to see happen!


DarthWingnut said...

Changes are good.... Saturday is bad.... was looking forward to my wife, son and myself all being able to play, now I'm not sure we can.... Me pouts

Elthy-san said...

Man...can't make anyone happy. ;) Every Sunday for the last year has been on the day of a major sporting event or exam or something...and now I catch flak for a Saturday. :p

It could have been worse; we just got an e-mail from Wizards asking us to host release events at 12:01 Friday morning.(!!!) I don't know how likely that is.

DarthWingnut said...

I'd be there, but I'm afraid there is no way I would let my 13 year old come play too.

DarthWingnut said...

For the record, LMS draft was actually really enjoyable, if a little bit wonky.