Thursday, June 12, 2008

Worldwide D&D Day, June 7, 2008

D&D Day was a great success! The morning and afternoon sessions were full, keeping our 5 DM's quite busy! Congratulations to Courtney for winning the door prize of Keep on the Shadowfell Adventure! Many thanks to all those who participated it was great to see the new faces! Our sales on 4th Ed were brisk and we sold out of Player's Handbooks by Saturday and sold out again of a restock on Monday. But never fear more Player's Handbooks are coming in today!

Also many thanks to our DM's Paul,




and Charles!

Other photos of D&D Day will be found on our flickr site. Also on a side note, one of our DM's Dylan will be offering a course up at UWO, next fall, on D&D and role-playing games and their impact on today's culture. Early details are posted on our bulletin board in the store.

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