Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feeling parched...of action?

Thirsty...for adventure?

Is August...really hot?

Then come down to our FNMs this month, where each week we're giving out thematically appropriate FNM foil Deserts to reward our players!

August FNMs!

August 1st – Eventide Draft!

August 8th – Standard!

August 15th – Draft!

August 22rd – Standard!

August 29th – Draft!

Afterdrafts will occur on demand. :D


Noah said...

umm... why is it on the 8th that is thursday, is it on thursday cus that is kinda weird cus i want to go tommorow but it seems you don't have it going on.

Noah said...

lol sorry computer clock was wrong sorry

DarthWingnut said...

Bad Noah, trying to confuse me.... it is too easy to confuse me, no challenge in it you shouldn't do it.... Confuse Justin, more fun....

Elthy-san said...

Awesome magic players are awesome. :D

DarthWingnut said...

Wait, is Justin saying that only awesome magic players are awesome, or that magic players in general are awesome, and that is awesome.... bah, now I'm confused again.

Jakomancer said...

Confused, Magic players awe some?