Sunday, July 06, 2008

July Heroclix Events

Events start at 6pm

9th Weds HeroClix World Championship Qualifier II

Restricted 300 point event

Prize: local champion

16th weds Powered Core Rules Event

300pts, NO Feats, BFC, Double-Base, Giant, & Colossal characters, Theme Teams, Special Objects. Special Powers, Traits, Team abilities can be used

Prize: Collateral Damage LE’s

30th Weds Secret Invasion Release Event

Buy 2 boosters of Secret Invasion and build a 300 pt team.

Prizes: Illuminati Event dial for winner & fellowship, "Nowhere to Hide" BFC card

and "Spaceship Crashsite" map for all players (max 16)

And be sure to Pick up the New Marvel Fantastic Four Starter, as there are many rule changes

and some great Clixs,

Marvel Secret Invasion releases on the 23rd of July

Can Heroclix Survive the Skrull Invasion!?!

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