Friday, October 28, 2011

New this week!

New Comics:
Spaceman #1 by Azzarello + Risso the team behind that brought you 100 bullets! Cover price on dollar! Members only 50 cents! Get a deal before you have to deal...with it being sold out!

Wolverine + the X-Men issue #1...Check out the cool cover know you want it.

New Games:
THE WALKING DEAD BOARD GAME based on the hit AMC series! In The Walking Dead Board game, only the strong survive. The weak turn into walkers, and then turn against their former friends! Fight your way through zombie-infested Atlanta with your fellow survivors.

Nw Zman games!




Gnomes of Zavandor

Eminent Domain Game:
Survey the galaxy to expand your civilization... Will you colonize nearby planets, or take them over by force?

Penny Arcade Game:
Set in the wold of your favorite web-comic, Penny Arcade puts you in the middle of the epic battles between Tycho and Gabe!

Plus come into the store and check out our brand FINAL FLIGHT GAMES MEDIA CENTER!

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