Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Special Announcement for this week's FNM! (October 21st, 2011)

Hello, Planeswalkers!

As it turns out, L.A. Mood has had the good fortune to acquire a few Foil Snapcaster Mages - two, to be exact.  While not a huge number, I think I can do something more interesting than simply sell them.

This Friday, October 21st, players may pay $5 at the registration table to register for the Foil Snapcaster FNM queue.  This queue will consist only of players who paid the registration fee, and the first-place finisher that night will receive a Foil Snapcaster Mage in addition to the normal FNM prize foil for October.

The Foil Snapcaster FNM Event will only proceed if 10 or more players queue for the event.  In the event fewer than 10 players are registered by 6:30, the event will be cancelled and all entry fees fully refunded.

As usual, there will be a completely free queue for players who don't much care for the Snapcaster Mage. The prize support for the different queues are as follows:

Snapcaster Queue:
1st Place:  1 Foil Snapcaster, 1 October FNM prize foil.
2nd Place:  $10 store credit, 1 October FNM prize foil.
3rd and 4th Place: 1 Innistrad Booster Pack, 1 automatic pick from the door prize selection.

Free Queue:
1st and 2nd Place:  1 Innistrad Booster Pack, 1 October FNM prize foil
3rd and 4th Place:  1 automatic pick from the door prize selection.

As always, questions, comments and suggestions can be directed to

See you in the Blind Eternities!

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