Sunday, November 06, 2011

L.A. Mood's November Heroclix Schedule
All events Begin at 6:00pm
unless posted otherwise

Now Always Thursday Nights!

November 10, Let's Here it for the Soliders Special start time of 6:30pm
Build a 500 pt team, and at least one character must have the soldier keyword
Jewel Kryptonite Limited Edition Object

November 17,Fan Favorite
Build a 1000 pt team, and play with half actions
Prizes:Zibarro Limited Edition Figure

November 24, Lord of the Rings marquee event
Buy 4 boosters of Lord of the Rings and Build a team of 400 pts, epic rules apply!
Prizes: Gold Kryptonite Limited Edition Object

L.A. Mood House Rules
1. Purple Rings are legal, and no figures are retired
2. No Battlefield Conditions
3. Feats can only being used on older figures from before the Avengers set

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