Friday, November 25, 2011

New this week!
Today is Record Store Day so get ready to get "spun right 'round"!
We got EXCLUSIVE copies of
Soundgarden 10"
Pete Townsend 10"
Black Keys Lonely Boy
Type O' Negative 6 Record Boxed Set
The Deluxe Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2

L.A. Mood has gone crazy!
In The Basement back issues are 3 for 1.00 from Nov 25th until Jan 1st!!
Upstairs from November 28th until Dec 24th
All back issues are 25%
 25% off books 19.95 and more!
50% off books less than 19.95!

New Games!
Don't get "THRONE" for a loop but prepare for a great night of gaming playing the 2nd edition of the game of the GAME OF THRONES!  
Also in
Dust Tactics Terrain Tile Set!
Laser KHET 2.0 Game!
Runewars Banners of War Expansion!

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