Friday, May 18, 2012

It's like the 80's all over again 'cause there's only one way to describe our new products and comics-TOTALLY RADICAL!

Sure Angry Birds is fun and addictive..but what happens when you want to throw a real bird? That's right they're hard to catch and when you throw them they just fly away. Well luckily we got...
Talking Plush Angry Birds!! Perfect for throwing at pigs..or your loved ones!

The Walking Dead is off the air until next season and the new trade hasn't come out yet..luckily you can create your own zombie drama when you play with the new...
WALKING DEAD BLOODY & B&W Action Figure Set!!
P.S. An empty cardboard box makes great abandoned prison!

This week the force is strong with L.A Mood. A galactic battle for shelf space has been waged and the Emperor has imprisoned new merchandise at L.A. Mood. Are you the Jedi brave enough to open up your wallet and set it free?
Star Wars remote controlled lightsaber night light! Some people say it's dangerous to have a lightsaber hanging over you child's bed. We say relax he's got a high midi-chlorian.
 If you grew up in the 70's or 80's 1) You're old and 2) You'll remember the original line of Star Wars action figures. Well Hasbro has put out an amazing line of new ones featuring the scale and retro packaging of the original line!
Featuring characters from all 6 movies and the expanded universe.
After you're done playing with all your cool new toys you bought at the store you'll probably need to relax with a little reading. Lucky for you we got some new trade paperbacks in!

The new 52 CatwomanTP

The new 52 Justice League International TP

Dead Enders

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