Friday, May 25, 2012

New to L.A Mood-But not for long!
It's 25% off graphic novels until the end of the month so you better head on down if you wanna get...
Joe Hill's THE CAPE

Joe Hill is Stephen King's son. He changed his name because he was sick of people saying "You're Stephen King's son..and you're a writer? You must be Joe KING!" Okay that or may or may not be true. What is true is this book is excellent and full of gorgeously gory artwork. Very cool.


 All you need to know is it's Deadpool and he's awesome but if you want a synopsis here you go:
Deadpool never thought it would happen to him. He never thought his new life as a non-killing dad would start out so blissfully and end up like this - with his wife having all the espionage-themed fun and him at home taking care of a screaming baby, wondering when its batteries will run out.

It sure is hot outside..Lucky for you winter is coming. L.A Mood is officially in The Game of Thrones..Game (cough) with a ton of cool new merchandise! Now we not only carry the boardgame and comic but The videogame for  PS3 and XBOX360 as well. We also have the complete first season on Blu-ray and Dvd and while you watch it you can display your loyalty with a Baratheon or Lannister patch. Where would you get such a thing? We got that too! You want more GOT options? Decorate your fridge with our Game of Thrones magnet set. Tired of people saying "Who are you to give advice? Let 'em know with an official Hand to the King pin!

L.A Mood for all of your official Game of Thrones needs and remember...A Lannister always pays with debit.

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