Friday, June 29, 2012

Here at L.A. Mood the mood is excited. Why? Because we got new stuff!

New this week
Game of Thrones HC vol.1

 You've read the books. You've watched the hit series on HBO...and if you're like've wondered what Ned Stark would look like pumped up with abs you could grate cheese on. Well wonder no more! Actually the artwork is quite great. Acclaimed novelist Daniel Abraham and illustrator Tommy Patterson bring George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy masterwork A Game of Thrones to majestic new life in this first hardcover volume of the ongoing series.


 Award winning chef and reality television star Anthony Bourdain  has cooked up a violent treat! Get Jiro! In a not too distant future of food obsessed L.A. Master Chefs wage a bloody war. How bloody? Let's just say it makes the time you nicked your finger cutting carrots look like (Julia) Child's play! 

League of Extrodinary Gentleman 2009

The extraordinary ( get it?) narrative draws to its cataclysmic close in London 2009. The magical child whose ominous coming has been foretold for the past hundred years has now been born and has grown up to claim his dreadful heritage! (Now try to say that last sentence 5 times fast-Go!)

New Toys!
Star Wars 2nd Wave

There's new hope for Star Wars fans who missed out on our last shipment of figures from all 6 films and the expanded universe. The Rogue Squadron just dropped off the second wave! Featuring exciting action figures every kid will love like...Grand...Moff..Tarkin.  Moving on. Oh well at least they put a gun in his hand.


Descent: Journey in the Dark Second Edition Demo Day at L.A Mood
July 7, 2012 from 11am to 4pm

Visit the store during demo hours and enter the draw to win the demo copy or one of four minitures!
During each 75min encounter one evil overlord and four adventurers will learn to play and race the clock to finish
11 am, 12:15pm, 1:30pm, 2:45pm
Call Today!
Dial (519) 432-3987 during store hours to reserve your spot in the game!

Happy long weekend!

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