Tuesday, July 03, 2012

L.A. Mood's July Heroclix Schedule
All events Begin at 6:00pm unless posted otherwise

For those wanting to play next Month for the 8th event of the Infinity Gauntlet 
you must have 12 pts earned from previous events. The last event left to earn points, to
qualify is this month

The Following People have already qualified; 
Jason, Dom, Neil, Steve N, Phil G, Derek, Trevor, Fil and Brad

July 5 Ye olde Tournament Standard
Build a 300pt team
 Prizes: Spider-Man Limited Edition figure for first place

July 12 Infinity Gauntlet Month Seven Event
Buy two boosters of Chaos War and build a 300 point team
All Games will be played on the “Mental Plane” map
Prizes:  Grandmaster LE Figure for first Place, Second Place and Fellowship.
Mind Gem LE object for participation prize

July 19 Behold the Power Science!
Build a 600pt team must include one figure that includes the Scientist keyword
Prizes: Mr. Fantastic Limited Edition Figure

July 26, I’m Gonna Punch me a Star Ship
Build a 800pt team, must include figures or ships from at least three Universes
Prizes: Mumakil Limited Edition Hord Token

L.A. Mood House Rules
1. Purple Rings are legal, and no figures are retired
2. No Battlefield Conditions
3. Feats can only being used on older figures from before the Avengers set

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