Saturday, August 04, 2012

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If you read comics back in the 80's you know the Turtles weren't always as wholesome as they appeared on the cartoon. They started as a violent adult comic book fare with style to spare! Volume 3 of this handsome collection collects issues 12,14,15,17 and 19-21

 Classic G.I. Joe Vol 15 TP

Yo Joe! Let people know you hate Cobra when you read G.I. Joe Classic Vol. 15 on the bus.

White Cloud Worlds

Filled with breathtaking artistry and fantastical images, White Cloud Worlds showcases the work of twenty-seven established and emerging artists in the area of science fiction and fantasy art. Take a journey through some of the most imaginative and creative minds of today, as they unveil spectacular, visually rich worlds occupied by mythical gods, beasts, aliens, elves, robots, and other legendary creatures

Action Comics New 52 HC

Action Comics New 52 Hard Cover Vol. 1
This Man of Steel book is a steal at 24.99! This critically lauded collection is easily worth 6 times as much!!! Own the the first volume of the series Ain't it Cool News calls "Six out of five stars. Exciting."

New Toys
Of course to call these exquisitely sculpted figures toys would be a bit of an insult! We got 2 awesome Arkham Deluxe Figures in the store KILLER CROC and MISTER FREEZE!!

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