Saturday, August 18, 2012

New This Week AT L.A. MOOD!

L.A. Mood has become your # 1 board game destination!! Bored of your old Board Games? We'll you're in luck because we've gone Board Game Crazy! We've stocked up for the upcoming Christmas season and there's so many boxes with pointy corners in the store we can barely move! All your favorite titles like Munchkin are stocked. In fact we've become "Munchkin Headquarters!" (At least that's what the sign they sent us for ordering so much Munchkin says) If you want to be assured you'll get a title grab it while you can. Business is only gonna pick up from here on out!

Stoner Fluxx

Hey man, Stoner Fluxx is a game about toking with your friends, getting the munchies, and changing the rules. A donation of 5% of the proceeds from game will go to groups working to end marijuana prohibition. It's card game about weed and ...wait...You're not a narc are you?

Alice Madness Returns. The hit PC game just got a sequel for xbox 360, PS3 and home computers and we got the cool new toys based on it! These creepy characters are sure to freak out anyone who views them!

New Books

Spiderman The Next Chapter Vol 3

The third volume of Spidey's late 90's relaunch is sure to delight fans of baddies and Spidey alike! Featuring a laundry list of the most villainous of villains in the history of villainy gunning for your favorite web slinger!

Apocalypse's heir, Archangel, has picked up where his predecessor left off, amassing an army of En Sabah Nur's greatest servants! The only hope X-Force have of saving Warren Worthington from the dark entity that inhabits his soul rests in a dimension where Apocalypse, and his technology, took over the world: the Age of Apocalypse! Whoah! Dark is right!

Conan Daughters of Midora & Other Stories

My KROM! Jimmy Palmiotti and Mark Texeira team up for a stunning 48-page Conan oneshot, the first side project to complement the successful monthly series.


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