Monday, November 18, 2013

Holidaze are around the corner...and we got new Stuff!

Magic Holiday Gift Box!

The just released holiday gift box holds 2 thousand Magic Cards, comes with 4 Thero's Boosters packs, 6 illustrated plastic dividers and a sticker sheet for customizing dividers. Basically it pays for itself PLUS you get  a totally awesome box perfect for putting your collection in!

Pokemon Sylveon Collection

This collection comes with a brand new holo Sylveon promo, Eevee and its other Eeveelutions as holo promos, a Fairy-type Energy card, a Sylveon figure, and four Black and White series booster packs.

Heroclix Mage Knight and Batman Arkham Origins!


If you were just thinking you love Heroclix than we just read your mind! 

New Games!
 Pluckin' Pairs!

Pluckin' Pairs is just like the classic party game Compatibility where you match images with other players for points-only this time there's no teams- it's every man for himself!

Walking Dead Best Defence

The Survivors must defend four key locations from Walkers – the Farm, the Prison, the Town and  the highway. A brand new Walking Dead game with it's own unique twist. A must for Walking Dead fans!

Space Cadets Dice Dual

Space Cadets Dice Dual is a "Team VS Team, real-time, Dice rolling Game of Starship Combat!" Two teams, each team playing the crew of a ship and winning or losing together!

Hobbit: Journey to Lonely Mountain

Will Bilbo Baggins make it to Lonely Mountain with the help of Gandalf and his company of Dwarves? That's up to you...It's a boardgame.  Results may vary.

New Big Issue Comic!
Batman #25

Batman Year Zero reaches a new level as The Riddler plunges the city into total Darkness!

New Trades!
Django Unchained HC

You saw the movie-Read the comic!

Here Comes Daredevil Vol. 1|

One of the most exciting and lushly illustrated titles of the year is now available in trade!

Walking Dead TP Vol. 19

The story and carnage continues!

New Toys!

Call 'em Headknockers, Bobble Head's, whatever..we just call them "Cool! We got a bunch in featuring all your favourites like Gremlins, Iron Man, Jason and Gollum! We think you'll find them very in tap one of these guys on the head and they'll agree with anything you say!

Stocking Stuffers!
Big Bang Theory Mini Figs

You never know which one you're gonna get-But don't worry there is plenty of Sheldon's!

Batman Arkham Origins

Batman V.S Bane

Arkham Origins: Bane

These Batman toys speak for themselves...Just look at the detail! Look at the awesomeness. Look at your wallet becoming lighter.  Look at the great gifts you just bought!

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