Saturday, November 02, 2013

New at L.A. Mood
Winter is coming..and that means two things...That certain holiday in December and Game of Thrones! So in honor of those two things L.A. Mood has stocked up on awesome product and some cool new GOT merch! Where to start!
Classic Big Seller Games back in stock!

Games like:
King of Tokyo
7 Wonders
Small World
Ticket to Ride & Europe

Wowie Zowie! Wake the neighbors, reconnect with the relatives --there's tried and tested big hit board games to be played (and you..know..potentially purchased for that certain holiday)

Tired of those classic games you know you love? Well you're in luck..
New Games!
Munchkin Pathfinder

The award winning game of killing monsters and taking their stuff meets the award winning world of Pathfinder where you kill Goblins know...take their stuff... Worlds collide! Featuring 168 cards and a unique 6 sided die!

Speaking of worlds colliding...

Walking Dead Risk!

In many ways The Walking Dead Risk Survival Edition offers the classic Risk game play everyone loves. In another way...Zombies! AHHHHHH!! How much ammo is left?! They're everywhere!! *Throws keyboard* a little carried away there. The classic locations and characters of the comic you love that spawned the show you love has spawned a game you'll love based on the game series you love to create- AAAAGH!! Zombies! *Throws keyboard*

Carcassonne Winter edition

Like we said winter is coming. Up until now you'd look out your window and say "Wait a minute-This game of Carcasonne doesn't represent the current season I am in!!" Well chill out! Carcasonne Winter Edition is finally here! Nothing breaks the ice like playing a game of Carcasonne Winter Edition with some cool friends-and trust us...that ain't no snow job!

Alright now to get to the Game of Thrones merchandise we promised..

Game of Thrones Lunch Pails!

Winter, Summer, Fall it doesn't matter! You're gonna be the coolest kid at school (or the office) 365 days a year with your Game of Thrones lunch boxl! it cold in here...or is it just you and your super COOL lunch pail?

New Comics!
Pretty Deadly #1

The magical realism of Sandman meets with the western brutality of Preacher in Pretty Deadly! Death's daughter rides the wind on a horse...and her tale of of retribution is as beautifully lush as it is unflinchingly savage!

Sandman Overture #1

Speaking of Sandman...Neil Gaiman's classic comic series returns for the first time since 2003...Does it live up to it's own standard of excellence?  Pick up your own copy today to find out!

Samurai Jack # 1

9 years after the end of the beloved show Samurai Jack is back...Jack...IN COMIC FORM!

Great War Joe Sacco

The first world war is depicted in one amazingly sprawling 24 foot drawing in Joe Sacco's powerful and unique "The Great War" This stirring work has to be seen to be believed! In fact-You can see it in our window as part of our Remembrance Day display. Come on down and check it out!

Batman Vol 3 Death in the Family

The third hard cover volume in the acclaimed New 52 title captures the new and already classic storyline Death in the Family...Holy critical acclaim Batman!

Pathinder Minis Legends of Golarion

The greatest heroes and most fearsome foes of the Pathfinder world come alive on your gaming table with Pathfinder Battles: Legends of Golrian! Look at the detail...look at the craftmanship...Look at the-AAAHH! Creatures!! *Throws Keyboard*

Star Trek Tactics III Heroclix

Q:There's a Borg Cube! How cool is that! ?? (A:Very)

Dragon Shield Sleeves Restock

AHHH! Drago-Wait...All your favourite colors. 100 sleeves per box.

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