Friday, January 21, 2011

Announcing: The Mirrodin Besieged Prerelease!

Hello to all our Magic Players!

As you know, the Mirrodin Besieged Prerelease is fast approaching - and there are some important details that make this a Prerelease unlike any you've attended before!

Our Prerelease will begin at 11:00 on Sunday, January the 30th - but try to arrive by 10:30 in order to help keep the event running smoothly. As always, the event is Sealed Deck, however, when you arrive for your packs you'll have to declare your faction - either Mirran or Phyrexian. Mirran players will receive 3 "Mirran-aligned" booster packs, containing only the Mirran-aligned cards from the set, as well as 3 Scars of Mirrodin boosters and 1 copy of the Promotional Hero of Bladehold. Phyrexian players will receive 3 "Phyrexian-aligned" boosters, containing only the Phyrexian-aligned cards from the set, as well as 3 Scars of Mirrodin boosters and 1 copy of the Promotional Glissa, the Traitor. The promotional cards are yours to keep, but you can't play with them during the event!

The cost of the packs will be $28. If you feel strongly about which faction you'd like to declare for, be sure to let me know but January 28th, so I can set your faction pack aside! All over faction packs will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In order to avoid confusion, I have decided on the following tournament organization rules:

1) There will not be submitted deck lists. Players will operate on the "honor system" regarding sideboarding in between events.

2) There will be deck logging - another player will open your packs and list the cards inside. However, unlike previous prereleases, there will not be pack swapping - the packs you purchased are the packs you will be playing with - you just won't be the one to open them!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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