Sunday, January 30, 2011

L.A. Mood's Heroclix February Schedule
All events Begin at 6:30pm

Feb 3, Myth vs Science
Build a team of 500 pts one figure must have the Deity or Cosmic Keyword
Prizes: Limited Edition Troia Figure

Feb 10, Good old Tournament Standard
Build a team of 300 pts,
Prizes: Limited Edition White Lantern Special Object

Feb 17, Speed is the Game!
Build a team of 400 pts, Your team must include one figure with Hypersonic Speed or a Power that allows you to use Hypersonic Speed, Kid Zoom is banned for this tournament.
Prizes: Limited Edition Impulse Figure

L.A. Mood House Rules
1. Purple Rings are legal, and no figures are retired
2. No Battlefield Conditions
3. Keyword teams effects are back in effect

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