Friday, January 07, 2011

An Important Update for Pauper Sundays!

Hello, Pauper players!

As you know, this Sunday, January 9th, is our inaugural Pauper event at L.A. Mood. I'm very excited to have everyone come out and show off their creativity in this uniquely restricted Magic format.

However, based on several discussions with excellent, experienced players of Pauper both online and offline, I have come to the decision to expand the list of banned cards for our L.A. tournament. The official ban list (found here) will be updated to include the following cards. In addition to Cranial Plating, and the existing Legacy ban list:

- Tree of Tales is banned.
- Great Furnace is banned.
- Vault of Whispers is banned.
- Seat of the Synod is banned.
- Ancient Den is banned.

This ban list is intended to reduce the extremely consistent, aggressive explosiveness of the Affinity deck in Pauper, without eliminating its ability to function as an aggro deck.

Paper Pauper is a living format with many variant ban lists. In order to keep our L.A. tournaments fun, exciting, and varied experiences, I will be updating our store's ban list as the year goes on - sometimes adding, sometimes removing. Be on the lookout for an official flyer with out official ban list in the near future!

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