Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grand Prix: Montreal Sealed-Deck Trial

Hello, Magic players!

L.A. Mood is hosting a GPT for GP Montreal at the end of August.  Grand Prix events are open tournaments with cash prizes held regularly throughout the year for Magic players not on the Pro Tour to share in the excitement and atmosphere of big Magic tournaments! 

Grand Prix Trials are held in stores in the weeks leading up to a Grand Prix to give players a chance to earn byes (free "wins") on Day One of the event, making it even easier to proceed on to the prize-awarding rounds on Day Two!  First place at our GPT will award three byes for GP: Montreal!


When: Sunday, August 28th. 10:00 am registration, 11:00 am start time.  Players will have 20 minutes for Pool Registration and 30 minutes for Deckbuilding prior to the start of the first round.

REL:  Competitive

Entry Fee: $30

Format: Sealed Deck Swiss Rounds with Top 8 Single-Elimination Draft.  Product for the Top 8 draft provided with entry fee.  Sealed Deck Swiss Rounds are 50 minutes per round.  Single-Elimination rounds are untimed; players are expected to maintain a reasonable pace of play.

Prizes: 2 booster packs per entrant are place into the prize pool.  First place finish recieves three (3) byes for Grand Prix Montreal. 2nd - 8th place finish recieve booster packs from the prize pool.

Maximum Participants:  50.

Contact:  E-mail to secure your entry into the tournament if planning to attend from out of town!


See you there!  As always, questions, comments and suggestions can be e-mailed to

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