Friday, August 12, 2011

Magic 2012 Game Day Details!

Hello, Magic players!

Just a quick update with all the details for Magic 2012 Game Day, this Sunday!

When: Sunday, August 14th. 10:00 am registration, 11:00 am start time.

Entry Requirements: One (1) Standard-legal deck and sideboard. Decklist required.

Format: Swiss rounds with no cut to Top 8. Top 8 prizes are awarded based on standings after the Swiss rounds.

Prizes: All participants receive a copy of the participation prize: Stormblood Berserker.  Top 8 finishers will also receive a full-alternate-art foiled Dungrove Elder!.  (Apologies for the tiny sample art, best I could do)

In addition, Magic 2012 Game Day will feature $15 Keep-What-You-Draft 8-4 M12/M12/M12 Drafts!  All entrants into side events will receive an additional copy of Stormblood Berserker and the first-place finisher will receive a copy of Dungrove Elder! (while supplies last).

As always, questions, comments and suggestions can be e-mailed to

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