Friday, March 16, 2012

New This week-Beautiful weather! Plus a ton of cool new graphic novels came into the store! Pick one of these gems and head to the park!

Batman Year One HC

The classic title Batman Year One is now available in a deluxe edition that includes the complete graphic novel, an introduction by Frank Miller and illustrated afterward by artist David Mazzucchelli.

Crossed Psychopath TP

In one terrifying moment civilization crumbled. There is no help...THERE IS ONLY THE CROSSED. Extreme horror by writer David Lapham (Stray Bullets) and Artist Raulo Caceres.

DC Universe by Alan Moore HC

The Worlds Greatest Super-Heroes as interpreted by one of the most acclaimed authors in comics today. This volume collects such well-known classics as The Killing Joke and Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
IDW's Ghostbusters Vol 1

Bill Murray say's he won't do Ghostbusters 3 which a probably a smart move for him but still disappointing to fans. Luckily we have the first TP of the new ongoing comic that critics say is the next best thing!
"If you're a fan of the movies then this will definitely hit all the right buttons." - IGN

Nothlanders Thors Daughter

Writer Brian Wood weaves another tale of lost Viking history, as foot soldier Mads gives a grunt's-eye view of the famous Siege of Paris where hundreds defended against thousands, and political maneuvering was as important as the clash of the shield wall
Showcase Young Love

Plus 4 of the new Flashpoint trade paperbacks! Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, and The Flash!

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