Friday, March 09, 2012

New This Week!
We got some cool new trade paperbacks in:

Sometimes the store is so busy it's a mad house. "A MAD HOUSE!!" Speaking of which you'll want to "get your stinking paws" on this new Planet of the Apes graphic novel.

Hellboy Storm and the Fury

Hellboy cuts a deal with the devious Baba Yaga that may secure the survival of mankind in this climactic follow-up to 2009's lauded Hellboy: The Wild Hunt.

Avengers 1959

Exploding from the pages of NEW AVENGERS! It's the tail end of the fabulous fifties. Nick Fury and his newly minted Avengers team roar into their secret mission, hunting down Nazi super villains! What's not to love?

Avengers The Korvac Saga

Collects the classic Avengers (1963) #167-168, #170-177, with extra story pages from 1991 Korvac Saga. Neato!

Plus this awesome game:
Hunger Games District 12

You had to sit through my horrible puns about the game of The Game of Thrones..and now I'm gonna do it to you again. We got the Hunger Games game!
Set in the world created by Suzanne Collins in The Hunger Games, the players are citizens of District 12, using their wits to acquire food, clothing, medicine and fuel, while trying to avoid taking Tesserae and increasing their chances at being selected as a Tribute for the Hunger Games!

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