Monday, June 03, 2013

Modern Masters and M14

Pre orders for M14 are now open. It will be our usual $100 tax in and $30 for fat packs. First thirty box preorders will receive the Buy a Box Foil. The first 75 boxes and the first 30 fat packs are guaranteed. Down payment of half is required for orders of 3 boxes, and full payment is required for orders of more than three boxes. Pre orders will close on July 12. Our M14 pre release events will take place on July 12 at midnight and July 14 at 11am. Entry will be $27 with lots of prizes.
 The Modern Masters numbers are now finalized. Packs will be $10 each. It will be sold only by the pack. So if you want a box it will be 24 x $10. Saturday we are going to having a day of Modern Masters draft. Starting at 12pm and a cost of $25 we are going to be firing 8-man draft pods. It will be keep what you draft and there will be 12 pods available for the day. It will be first come first serve with a limit of one box per person for at least the weekend

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