Saturday, June 29, 2013

New to L.A Mood!
Pacific Rim action figures!

Word on the street is Pacific Rim is so full of awesome Robot/Monster action it turns geeks into gleeful little kids. Anticipating this we've ordered the first wave of Pacific Rim action figures! Get ready for big things in little packages with heroic battle bots "Gipsy Danger","Crimson Typhoon, and evil alien "Knifehead"

The Gettysburg Address

This graphic novel uses Lincoln's words to tell the whole story of America's Civil War. 1776 to the present! Both moving and accessible the book has gotten rave reviews. History buffs definitely need to check out the book Rachel Maddow called "The Coolest thing since Schoolhouse Rock!"

Vader's Little Princess

Ever imagine what it would be like if Darth Vader raised Luke and Princess Leia from birth? No? Lucky for us Jeffery Brown has! Brown is back with hilarious and heart warming glimpses of what it's like growing up with a Sith Lord for your Pop! The second instalment focuses on a the father/daughter dynamic between Darth Vader and Princess Leia..and is just as brilliant as the first book Vader and Son! Vader and Son sold quick so come on down and grab the sequel before it's gone!

Pandemic on the Brink

Pandemic is one of the most requested and popular games we have so we're definitely excited to bring you this new edition of the expansion Pandemic: On the Brink! The second edition has an eye popping snazzy new artistic makeover you're gonna love and features new and exciting editions to the base game like The Virulent Strain Challenge, The Mutation Challenge and the Bio-Terroist Challenge which pits one player against the others! If you loved Pandemic (and who didn't) you're gonna love Pandemic: On the Brink! Get it while supplies last!

Zen Garden

Who doesn't need a little Zen in their life? Zen Garden is an artful struggle and two games in one. The basic game is a fast and simple tile matching game in which you attempt to form patterns on the board before your fellow players do the same. Players seeking more of a challenge can compete in Rock Garden"in which players receive 12 rock cubes and play them on sets of tiles matching their pattern tiles. Place all of your rocks first to win! If you see the Buddha upon the road..challenge him to a game of Zen Garden!

 Star Wars Book of the Sith

Dabble in your dark side without offending your grandparents or costing a goat it's life with the Star Wars Book of the Sith!
If the "Collector's case" was out of your price range you're in luck because you can now own the Star Was Book of the Sith as an individual stand alone item! Not only will this in depth exploration supply you everything you need to know about the Dark Side it also has cool illustrations! Nice!

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