Monday, June 24, 2013

New to L.A. Mood!

World War Z may have broke out this weekend but we know what you really love-The Walking Dead!

Walking Dead Guitar Straps and Guitar Picks!

 Get ready to shred with the undead when you use Walking Dead guitar accessories! Not only do they feature artwork by comic artist Charlie Adlard but a guitar strap can be used a s a tourniquet when an infected limb needs to be amputated! Neato! The Guitar picks? Were not gonna lie..they'd be pretty useless during the apocalypse.

Walking Dead Poster Book

Speaking of the can be a real drab place. Lucky for you AMC's The Walking Dead moments and characters are only a glance away when you buy the Walking Dead Poster Collection! You might be trapped in your makeshift shelter for a long time...why not decorate it?! Rick, Merl, Darryl..the relentless killing machines that might break in at any minute-They're all here! Images from the hit series Walking Dead look great on the tv. They look even better on your wall!

Walking Dead Michone Statue

Killing zombies is tough. Sometimes you need some inspiration. Well look no further than this The Walking Dead zombie slaying Michonne Statue! The resin statue stands at 14.5 inches tall, has a base that rotates 360 degrees, and features gruesome gore from every angle! Nobody makes short work of "Walkers" like Michonne!

Bandai S.H. Monster Arts Kong 8th Wonder of the World

Monster Arts brings it's famous detail and artistry to this figure based on Peter Jackson's 2005 film King Kong. This highly articulate figure is not only finely sculpted but it's interchangeable hands and articulation allow it to be posed in a variety of positions. More than just a toy this Kong figure is a work of art-Monster Art that is..

Domino Lady: Blonde Bombshell

Original created as a 1930's pulp novel character "Domino Lady" is back with her own comic series. It may be 77 years since her last appearance but take one look and you'll agree she hasn't aged a day! The first volume Domino Lady: Blonde Bombshell has come to the store. If you are a fan of Detective fiction than you will love the quick witted, tough as nails glamorous Domino Lady as she fights crime during the golden era of Hollywood!

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